Happen Twice is an Austin, Texas-based art culture company that aims to give a personal perspective into the humans behind the art. Our goal is to help create a sustainable and thriving economy for artists and entrepreneurs. This can be done through media, events, and collaborative projects that express each artist as an individual. With future plans to produce live shows, music videos, clothes, or really anything within the art realm, we are currently releasing interviews with artists of all mediums from all over the world. Follow us on our instagram @happntwice to stay up to date!

Chandler Christopher

Hey, y’all! My name is Chandler Christopher and I launched Happen Twice in April of 2021! Honestly, I really just love music and art and have always wanted to be in the space, but never really knew how exactly (because I hadn’t been able to realize any worthy talents). I’ve always known and had confidence in my personal trait of being able to connect, listen, and empathize with people, so I had an idea one day to create a platform for myself to do just that. So, now I talk to all types of different creatives and learn more about their lives and the individual behind their art or music. Something about Happen Twice feels real and genuine to me, and overall it just makes me happy and introduces me to so many new and talented people. I hope you enjoy anything you may find on the site! Cheers and stay groovy:)

Kate Glenn

Hey I’m Kate and I make the super cool art for my even cooler friend Chandler (the mastermind behind Happen Twice); I’m a huge music lover, and I’m always looking for new artists to dance to. I love any way that I can be creative and HT gives me endless opportunities to explore that. Chandler and everything he makes are the best in the West, and we both put our hearts into this. I hope what y’all find on this site makes you smile! :)