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September 21st at Swan Dive (ATX)
September 22nd at Moma2 (Philadelphia)
coral snake
September 26th at The Coral Snake (ATX)
September 29th at Alphaville (BKNY)
Boyscott on October 19th (ATX) & October 21st (HTX)
Sleeping Jesus, Dress Warm, + Montclair Tour!

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The Velveteins' Declarations of the 3am Freeway (2023)
Johmen's 'Garbage For Cats' (2023)
Daydream Twins' Self-Titled Album (2023)
Starcleaner Reunion's 'Club Estrella' (2023)
Large Brush Collection & Creekbed Carter Hogan's 'Split' (2023)
Scotty Malcolm's Double Album Extravaganza (2023)

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John Andrews
Liam Kazar
The Slaps
Ron Gallo
Luna Luna
Mellow Fellow
The Rare Occasions

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Good Morning at Hotel Vegas
Omar Apollo at Emo's
Cautious Clay at the Historic Scoot Inn
Steve Lacy at Deep Ellum
Dehd at Antone's Nightclub
Clairo & Arlo Parks at ACL Live
Japanese Breakfast at Stubb's
Hot Flash Heatwave Photoshoot (Seaholm District) and Concert Coverage (Empire)
Bakar at the Historic Scoot Inn
Ron Gallo at Antone's Nightclub
Ween at the Waterloo Amphitheatre