by Chandler Christopher

September 2, 2021

Ron Gallo the whirlwind personality project of indie rockstar, Ron Gallo. Yeah, I said that twice… That’s his name. Anyways, the Italian-rooted Ron Gallo was born and raised in Philadelphia, eventually making a move to Nashville for a few years and then returning. Ron Gallo’s first ever performance was at his high school talent show when one of the judges told him, “You’re good… But maybe you shouldn’t sing as much.”  Encompassing the idea of staying true to one’s self, the local scene that naturally spoke to Ron as a high schooler was the against-the-grain punk/skate world in Philly. He and his friends grew up spending their time much differently than the rest of their classmates– no drinking, no drugs… That wasn’t what moved them. What compelled Ron Gallo and company was true entertainment, playing and throwing house shows. Self-creating DIY venues around Philly in local batting cages and bowling alleys, Ron Gallo’s roots lie deep in his passion for entertainment. 

In post-adolescence, Ron headed Philadelphia rock band, Toy Soldiers. The group had success and created a high communal demand for their live performances. However, Ron began to realize that the band’s sound was evolving into something that felt very un-Ron Gallo. He left the band, taking the bold and daring leap into an individual music career that fully relied on himself. Speaking on the decision, Ron explained “it was scary because the band I was in was starting to play a lot of shows around, so it was a weird time to walk away, but the songs we were playing didn’t feel genuine to me. In retrospect, it was a gut thing. At the end of the day it’s about what feels right to you.”  Hard-headed and self-honest, Ron Gallo is sure of himself and takes his feelings as a sign of the life decisions he should make. 

Moving forward as a solo artist, Ron was excited to have complete creative control and see where his journey would take him. He was excited to shed the creative confinement that peer collaboration (especially when it comes to making music) can often bring. “I knew from the beginning that I was kind of a shapeshifter, so it was sweet to set myself up to do just that.” Ron composes all of his current music himself, earning the reputation to expect the unexpected when he releases a record. Driven by an urge to amplify his music with meaningful and thought-provoking commentary, Ron Gallo jars his listeners with healthily controversial ideas. In our conversation, we spoke about a few of his most influential and meaningful projects, including his most recent record, PEACEMEAL (2021).

Heavy Meta (2017):

“With the beginning, Heavy Meta, I was definitely in a spot where I was frustrated with humanity. I had this drive inside of me where I just wanted to stir shit up. Sort of like Iggy Pop in the ‘70s. I wanted to create my own music and add my own commentary while being disruptive and rattle complacency in a healthy way. That was kind of my mission statement. The shows were chaotic… Crazy. That was the initial fire behind the project.”

Really Nice Guys (2018):

“With the second album, I began experimenting a little bit more, embracing the unconventional and new wave influences and seeing where my sound could go.”


“I wanted PEACEMEAL to still be lyrically driven while maintaining my dark humor and dress that up with melodies. I wrote this tape in isolation, not thinking about bouncing it off the crowd as much. It was almost like an exercise that took off a certain filter I had before.”

Ron Gallo is constantly writing new music and recently came up with the concept for his next project. He aims to primarily focus on getting back to his signature style of lyrical, observational commentary. “I want to have an impact in some way. That’s kind of how I started and that’s also what people like. For me, it’s hard to justify just making music to make music.”  In his little-to-no spare time, Ron runs a blog/brand called REALLY NICE ( Happily and sturdily convicted in his pursuit of himself, Ron Gallo will refresh listeners with a catalogue that is indescribably distinctive and different from song-to-song. Catch him on tour at a location near you listed below starting September 10th!

Photos of Ron Gallo for Happen Twice live at Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, TX here!

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