by Chandler Christopher

August 21, 2021

Luna Luna is a four-piece, indie Latinx band from Dallas, Texas. The group’s formation was spearheaded by the meeting of Colombian-born ‘Kavvi’ and Danny Bonilla back in 2017 at an open-mic in Dallas. The two saw a transcendent level of musical ability in each other’s performances that night, and almost immediately agreed to start working together. Shortly after, via the tight-knit Dallas house-show scene, drummer Kaylin Martinez and bassist/backup vocalist Ryan “Gordo” Gordon linked with the blossoming duo, creating the ensemble we know today. 

Among the first couple of tracks Luna Luna released was called, ‘For You,’ a dreamy melody centered around the longing for a romantic connection. Written by Kavvi, this was the first track to pick up traction. Following this catalyzing spark, the band came together and produced their debut EP, 2018’s For Lovers Only. The project picked up steam and solidified Luna Luna as one of the most exciting musical groups coming out of central Texas. In a buzzing, hip-hop-centered Dallas music scene, Luna Luna has carved out and pioneered their groove in the indie scene. Influenced by the musical ambiance around them, the group most often collaborates with hip-hop artists in the area, including fellow Happen Twice Interviewee, Pretty Boy Aaron.

As a Latinx band, the group has experienced an unexpected platform of representation. They explained that because the majority of the music scene that engulfs them is Latinx, their intentions and goals have never really felt like anything else but being themselves. It was when the crew played some shows outside of their normal landscape that they made a few realizations about their potential impact.

“We played a show in Utah and expected a predominantly white crowd, but we were surprised to see so many Latino people at the show. We became more aware of the representation we were bringing and realized we could make a difference.” -Danny Bonilla

Their debut album, Flower Moon,  was recently released on August 13th, 2021. The project was based on Kavvi’s idea of “a lost boy confused about life and turning to the moon for answers.”  The group aimed to reflect on past regrets, present issues, and future possibilities in their songwriting. Backed by a partnership with Los Angeles-based distribution group, Independent, this is the first project the group says has been backed by anyone else but themselves. While maintaining their independence and music rights and receiving bonus production value visually, Luna Luna takes the next step with this romantic, raw, disco-infused collection of tracks. The focus single, ‘Feel It Now’, is accompanied by a dazzling music video that highlights the foursome’s chemistry and togetherness. In their limitless galaxy, Luna Luna orbits the pinnacle of human connection in their mission to locate and spread love in unexpected places.

“We want to create as much beauty as possible and keep spreading love… because we need it” – Gordo

Catch Luna Luna on tour accompanied by BOYO (fellow Happen Twice interviewee:)) beginning November 10th. They play Austin, Texas on December 12th at The Parish!

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