by Chandler Christopher

Cale Potts is a freelance motion graphics designer currently (and freshly..) based out of Austin, Texas. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Cale committed to undergraduate university at Oklahoma State University to be a biology major. During his time at OSU, Potts realized that he wasn’t satisfied or fulfilled by his current major choice and understood he needed to make a change. A good friend of his showed him a sketchbook she had been working on throughout her time in college and this absorbed Cale’s interest. Emerging from a state of despondency, Cale intrepidly changed his major to motion graphics. It was in this capacity that a young Cale Potts initiated his stride, feeling he was finally drifting in a bona fide direction. 

Upon graduating from OSU with a double degree in multimedia journalism and graphic design, Potts took two jobs in corporate America over a few-year span. Potts describes his roles in these positions as disabling and boxed in. As the young artist became exceedingly frustrated with his inability to express his creativity, he made the decision to flee this sector of “art,” and make the unguaranteed leap into freelance work to support himself financially. After scoring his first major gig creating a series of lyric videos for ‘Big Gigantic,’ Potts recognized that he and his craft could provide a sustainable life going forward. Inspired by the Dallas rave culture that Potts describes as, “underground and sketchy,” his art brings bright, psychedelic colors over picturesque canvases that seem to have been hand-plucked from the mid twentieth century. Cale Potts has collaborated with clients Kid Cudi, Shaquille O’neal, Guy Fieri, and many more. The natural talent and work ethic of Potts has transformed him into a dependably creative entrepreneur who is eager to bring his dexterity to the world.

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