by Chandler Christopher

A few months back, I had the pleasure of speaking with my remarkably talented pal, Gabriella Feuillet. Gabby is a Colombian-American, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is majoring in architecture at Rice University and graduates in the Spring of 2021 (so, now…). Her post-graduation plans consist of a year-long internship with ‘SO-IL,’ a renowned architecture firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Gabby will be assisting in the design and processing of large-scale projects throughout New York City. 

When Gabriella was deciding between schools, she always knew that she wanted a studio environment. Growing up, Gabriella was exposed to art at a very young age, as her mom would frequently attend oil painting classes. Eventually, Gabby’s mom enrolled her in after-school art studios. She says that she’s always felt comfortable in this environment and loves to share and collaborate ideas with others through a visual medium of expression. Before deciding to become an architecture major at Rice University, Gabby admitted that she had never taken an architecture class before but always had gravitated towards design over fine art, ultimately leading to this decision. The technique that Gabby enjoys most is sculpture because its ability to explore different varieties of overlap between materials, design, and architecture.

Gabby has a distinct and eccentric style to each piece of work and venture she takes on, never limiting herself to any one medium or label. Her latest and current endeavor is her mask business, ‘Mask One of One’ (@maskoneofone). These silk ribbon masks are highly individualized pieces of art, all hand-dyed in Kyoto, Japan. Gabby has completed this project while balancing the fulfillment of her degree from a highly prestigious university, editing and founding Rice University’s ASTR magazine, and several other achievements. Entrepreneurial, creative, and driven, Gabriella Fueillet is armed with the essential tools of nature to propel her name into an ultimate state of remembrance. 

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