by Chandler Christopher

November 9th, 2021

Jaxon, aka Jaxon Kronenberg, is a 20-year-old independent songwriter based out of Austin, Texas. His songs can be described as electric, surf-rock anthems inspired by indie rock and new-wave synth. Jaxon became addicted to creating music when he was introduced a couple of years ago. He’s since acquired multiple instruments, spending the majority of his days teaching himself how to play each while writing hundreds of songs. Check out our Q&A below to learn more about Jaxon and stay tuned for his next release through Happen Twice! Find his socials here!



Q: Who first introduced you to making music?

Jaxon: My buddy was making beats on Logic and I suddenly really wanted to try it. I was trying to just do a really simple drum pattern and couldn’t figure it out. After 30 minutes, I figured it out and instantly became addicted. Now I’ve been learning nearly every basic instrument and learning all of the chords and scales and just grinding out every instrument.

Q: Tell me about your songwriting process and evolution…

Jaxon: ‘One Day’ was the first song I released. And that was called One Day because in my mind I was like, “One day I’ll do it. I always talk about it. One day it may happen. And one day it happened… With One Day.”  Since then, I’ve probably finished around 300 songs. I make the drums first usually, then do chords and melodies. And for the lyrics, I’m always writing lyrics I think of on my phone. And when it comes time to lay lyrics on a track, I go back and piece together different lines.

Q: My favorite song of yours so far is ‘Wonderful Day’… Tell me about that one.

Jaxon: This song is really special to me and is dedicated to the recent loss of one of my best friends, Jake… Yes, the song is very happy– but that’s for a reason. It was a really sad and painful time when he passed away, so it was hard to be positive about anything. My mom has lost a lot of people in her life, and she had a strong impact on me by telling me to not dwell on the loss, but to celebrate the life he lived and be happy about it. I was laying in a park one day and saw a balloon floating away… and I took that as a sign from Jake that it was time to be cool with this. 

Q: Do you have any vices?

Jaxon: Absolutely, surfing and of course, music. Being from Austin, it’s really rare that someone’s vice is to surf, so that is really special to me. I also recorded my most recent single, Montego Bay, in a closet while on a surfing trip to Cabo.

Q: What’s your goal over the next year?

Jaxon: My only goal in making music is to capture every side of the human experience. Sad songs, happy songs, mad songs, talking shit songs. I want to affect the audience in a positive way and hopefully help change people’s lives through my music.

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