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KindKeith (they/them) represents the musical persona of Keith Galloway Jr., a Fort Worth native who has found their artistic home in Austin. With a focus on keyboard-driven compositions, KindKeith combines traditional soulful elements with electronic textures and instrumentation, resulting in a distinctive brand of experimental R&B.

While residing in Austin, Keith’s piano skills have led them to collaborate with various artists and bands, including notable names like Clunis and Susannah Joffe. These collaborations have enriched KindKeith’s musical landscape, infusing their work with a wide range of influences and a penchant for genre-blending creativity.

KindKeith believes in the unifying power of music, welcoming listeners from all backgrounds to partake in the joyful celebration of sound. Their commitment to inclusivity and the transformative potential of music underpins their artistic vision.

Excitingly, KindKeith is currently partnering with the local label, Happen Twice. This collaboration will bring forth their new live album, “Live at the Pink Palace,” capturing the essence of their dynamic and emotionally resonant live performances. As they continue to explore the boundaries of experimental R&B and bridge musical genres, KindKeith invites you to join them on this sonic journey of exploration and expression. Stay tuned for more music and inspiration from this multifaceted artist.

Latest Single 'PHONE (Live)'