by Chandler Christopher

Hailing from LA, Seattle, and Austin, Cory Van Lew, aka Lewy V, is a multidisciplinary, mixed media virtuoso currently based in Kingston, New York. Lewy has been in recent collaborations with the Pixar movie ‘Soul’, digital art market ‘SuperRare’, and many other awesome projects are on the way. Lewy’s staple series of creations come from his line of “Blue Faces. The concept and visual came about from the first painting he did with blue faces, titled “The Blue Faces”. Lewy says that after seeing the way that the blue shined off the canvas it was just a “click” moment for him and he knew he could make an entire style out of it. Fast forward years later to 2020 and Lewy just released his much-anticipated new collection in December fittingly entitled “Blue Faces, premiering at the well-accredited ArtLife Gallery in Miami, Florida. Lewy told me that his BlueFacesStyle represents a unifying color that makes us all into one being- experiencing happiness, pain, love, and heartbreak. 

Lewy has had a journey of ups, downs, and discoveries that have led him to form into an artist that spills both beauty and positivity into everyone that comes in contact with him and his arthim. He first began to undertake art as his full-time job while living in Austin, TX in 2015, quitting his day-job and making the bold and scary decision to eat, pay the bills, and flat out survive off of his art. It was once Lewy made a breakthrough selling his art at the now-closed Hope Outdoor Gallery, or as Austinites call the “Graffiti Park”, ‘The Graffiti Park’, that he knew in his heart it was time to dedicate his life to his art. time to go for a full-on-sprint chasing his dreams. After gaining enough traction pushing his work at Hope Outdoor Gallery, Lewy scored a gig at South by Southwest, making him realize his true potential. Lewy credits much of his current success to his decision to rely on his art, saying that he never would have reached where he is today without forcing himself to be dependent on pushing his craft. 

Cory Van Lew's original 'Blue Face' paintings + 'The Jeweler'

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