by Chandler Christopher

September 30, 2021

NONEWFRIENDS. is a five-piece, indie pop band conceived and based out of the thriving music scene of Syracuse, New York. As Freshman at Syracuse University, the crew serendipitously met as students of the highly regarded College of Visual and Performing Arts. As they navigated the hectic first year of college life, the band, composed of Jackson Siporin (Saxophone), Elizabeth/Liz Stuart (Vocals), Jack Harrington (Bass), Peter Groppe (Guitar), and Scott Greenblat (Keys), began to spend more and more time together, forming a foundation for what was to become NONEWFRIENDS. They realized their mutual goals and aspirations and are driven by a strong desire to create music they enjoy listening to. The NNF posse’s tunes are set apart by the lead vocals of Liz Stuart, layered with intricate and lively instrumentation that is pieced together by the band collaboratively. With the pandemic seemingly winding down across the states and in New York, NONEWFRIENDS has re-catapulted themselves onto the live scene, garnering sell-out crowds at house/basement shows in the competitive Cuse music scene

The band has already built an impressive catalogue, including their first single ever, Already Gone (2019), which just surpassed 200,000 streams on Spotify. Currently, the band is working towards finishing their upcoming EP, which is set to release by the end of 2021. NNF has already released two singles from the project– Personal and Not Your Girl. Written, recorded, and performed from the band’s Syracuse house, they call this “the most collaborative collection of songs,” they’ve produced yet. The NNF bandmates are just as eager for the EP release as their loyal fanbase is. Set on a path of organic growth, NONEWFRIENDS is built on the structure of attested friendship, inspiring one another and their surrounding community day in and day out. Check out our Q&A below!

Q:  What can we expect from the upcoming EP?

Jackson & Liz: We are super stoked on this project because each of the songs on it really talk and communicate with each other in different ways. When we record nowadays, we try not to be perfectionists anymore and try to focus on just having fun and letting the music flow. We haven’t names the project yet, but our next single is going to be a song called “May”. 

Q:  How did y’all come up with the name NONEWFRIENDS? 

Liz:  Well me and Jackson were at the dining hall, and we were thinking about what to name the group… And we kind of realized that, “well we don’t really have any other friends, so… NONEWFRIENDS. was birthed. 

Q:  Where is everyone in the band from?

Jackson:  Everyone in the band is actually from New Jersey besides me… I’m from the city. So yeah we’ve definitely got a little beef in the band haha… 

Q:  What have been some of the most influential aspects of the Syracuse music scene?

Jackson:  In the beginning, the scene was already really established. People were hype about it, but we were the new crew on the block. Recently it’s been cool to see us now taking that role of the older group on the scene. The live shows are truly what have made NNF happen. People are looking for things to do that aren’t these crazy big parties, and the underground show scene has been so welcoming in creating this crazy energy.

Q:  What’re your plans for the band after graduation?

Scott:  My hope for NNF – and I think I speak for all of us – is that over the course of the next year we’re able to continue growing our fanbase by playing to new audiences and releasing new music, so that by next summer or this time next year we’re able to hit the road on some sort of tour or festival circuit. We’re all really happy to be playing shows again and we have a bunch of new music that we’ve been working on over the past year that we can’t wait to share.

Q:  What is the best part of collaborating together with your friends?

Jack:  At most of our recording sessions there have usually been about 8 or 9 people in the room and creates a very exciting dynamic, and I think it makes the process feel more exciting.

Peter:  The biggest impact that NNF has had on me as an artist is the collaborative aspect of the group. Each one of us offers something unique and we push each other to be better. The end product of a NNF song is a culmination of our efforts and comes from our love of working and writing with one another.

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