by Chandler Christopher

Pretty Boy Aaron is the pseudonym of artistic Swiss Army knife, Aaron Cunningham. A rapper, producer, singer and music video producer, Pretty Boy Aaron hails from Dallas, Texas. A graduate of the Radio, Television, and Film program at the University of North Texas, Aaron is engulfed in the Dallas music scene. Having originally thought the majority of his time would be spent on creating movies, it was during his years at college that the young producer realized he had a genuine talent and passion for creating music. Pretty Boy Aaron revived his former, inner musician (he had a rap group in high school), eventually beginning to collaborate with the up and coming Dallas-based band, Luna Luna (who are about to go on tour with fellow Happen Twice interviewee, BOYO). 

Pretty Boy Aaron began to pick up steam playing at different venues around Dallas. One of his most popular and propelling songs, ‘Comb My Hair’, was formed through the aid of his live shows. “Yeah, I just started playing that song at shows before I ever even released the track. I noticed people started to catch on to the hook after the first time I sang it, and I realized I may be onto something special.” Sure enough, that song now has nearly 4 million streams on Spotify and has catalyzed the growth of Pretty Boy Aaron’s expanding fan base. Eventually becoming featured on curated playlists such as Spotify’s ‘Bedroom Pop’ playlist, Aaron has used his exposure to help out his talented friends around him. Pretty Boy Aaron and his crew have been making musical projects throughout the past few years and recently launched a label together in ‘Stay Pretty Records’. They plan to wholly encapsulate the group’s artistic energy and drive each of their successes to a place of independence and sustainability. “At the end of the day, we all just want to be able to create and be able to sustain ourselves. That’s the goal,” Aaron answered when asked about his future goals. Stay tuned for a new project from Pretty Boy Aaron before the end of 2021, and enjoy his extensive catalogue to experience Aaron’s creative evolution!

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