Live at The Spiderhouse Ballroom in Austin, Texas on October 7th, 2021

Photos by Ethan Tran

Ethan’s excerpts from the show: 

“He told me about how he used to design merch for his old band and he also designed his own merch for himself.”

“I also got the last hat he made and he told me how he’s back to working at a liquor store now where he has a chill boss that lets him play his instruments.”

“He also left some of his equipment at his practice studio in South Austin and was scared that he was gonna be late to the show because he said he’s usually never late but ended up playing on time.”

“His friends he skated with showed up for his show and bought some of his merch and he talked about how he drove most of the way during his West Coast tour.”

“He will potentially go back to Cali/Reno bc he met a lot of cool artists at the festival he played at there.”

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