by Chandler Christopher

September 14, 2021

Sir Collect-a-Lot is Miles McAlpin, a one of one custom action figure creator based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Miles has had many different career paths in his life, ranging from email marketing for a travel company and an online mall to marketing for a pickle company. As a result of the pandemic, Miles was unfortunately (at the time) furloughed from his job, leading to much more free time and an urge to change the course of his life at that time. Inspired by fellow Instagram artists that were pioneering this new, action figure led industry, Miles began to teach himself how to create these custom figures, learning Photoshop and painting and sculpting techniques from Youtube. His pieces are carefully crafted, packaged in an aesthetically unique format that sets Sir Collect A Lot apart from his friendly competition.

Although Miles was negatively impacted at the beginning of the pandemic because of the loss of his job, it turned out to be nothing but a blessing in disguise for him. Fortunately, he was called back to his job eventually… Only to end up making the decision to remove himself from that career and go full throttle pursuing his artistic journey. His auction-style sales along with the commission work he was receiving had reached a point where he felt confident in his ability to self-sustain going forward. Miles is still relatively new to his craft, so he spends his days fine tuning his skills and seeking out ways to increase efficiency and advance his brand. Although green in his field, Sir Collect-a-Lot has already accumulated over twelve thousand followers in just over a year. His current projects are commission pieces for a Larry David, a Larry Bird, and a personal project of his for an Adam Sandler playing basketball. Miles is also working hard on his website, with high hopes for it to become his primary database and channel for commission work. Miles has shown exponential growth as an artist, and being that he’s only been working on this project since May of 2020, the sky’s the limit for Sir-Collect-a-Lot.

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