by Chandler Christopher

Sun Room is the San Diego-based surf-rock-groove-on-the-beach brainchild of singer-songwriter Luke Asgian. In 2020, Luke and longtime friend/bass player Wyatt Flom shared a vision that was soon to become a reality. When the two linked up with brothers Indy and Ashton Minnich, the band joined forces and their synergy epiphanized the beginning of their personal music revolution. With a dreamy glance into the future, Sun Room was soon to become an infinite era of summer. The crew released its debut EP, ‘Sol Del Sur,’ in the summer of 2020. Written by Asgian, the project is a vibrant and sunny collection of sounds. Branded with an effortless distinction, the group has nailed down a vibe that is enthusiastically resonated with and enjoyed. Inspired by the mellow, wave-catchin’ beach towns that raised them, Sun Room reflects the name it implies. The band creates a space, a radius of beaming light and flashing energy, that is carried into the minds and hearts of its listeners. The guys behind the mic – Luke, Indy, Ashton, and Wyatt – match the ambiance of the music they create. It’s indisputably obvious that Sun Room creates jams that are directly influenced by the culture of the California towns they grew up in. DIY shows, hopping around bands, rad jam sessions – this is why they make music. Ultimately, Sun Room is their music. Check out their latest EP, ‘Somewhere Tropical,’ a four track collection of warm beachy jams with wavy guitar rips and smooth, driving vocals. Expect an upcoming tour for the band sometime in the near future and rock out this summer to Sun Room’s scorching tunes. 

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