by Chandler Christopher

Based in Austin, Texas, Lonesome Rhodes is the groovy musical moniker of Kevin Johnson, an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter. Commonly referred to as the ‘electric piano man,’ Rhodes made the passionate decision in 2018 to leap into becoming a self-made artist – this deliberate choice of detaching from familiarity and reaching into the unknown birthed the creation of Lonesome Rhodes. With the release of his debut album, ‘Phantom Palace,’ Rhodes soul-searches from an internal standpoint while reminiscing on past memories and experiences. The record is a heavenly showcase of Johnson’s discerned vulnerability, paired with smooth piano riffs, a melodious drum rhythm, and vocals that build in power and confidence like a crescendo throughout the tape. Following this record has been a series of singles that have led up to the announcement of a second album dropping on June 11. Propelled by the example of Johnson’s latest single (and my favorite, thus far), ‘Not Gonna Leave You,’ fans can expect to hear a funky, buoyant, up-beat sound in this upcoming project. A naturally charming talent, Kevin Johnson is perpetually beaming with ambition and good intention for his music. Get ready to hook up to your speaker, crack open a beer, and shamelessly dance under a star-filled sky this summer because Lonesome Rhodes will soothe your ears and make you feel blissfully free with his timeless vibrations. 

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