by Chandler Christopher

Yung Heazy, aka Jordan Heany, is a bedroom pop, indie-rock, garage-rock revival musician who soothes the ears of his listeners with melodic tunes and #sharp guitar shreds. Filled with love, heartbreak, and introspection, Yung Heazy gives us music that tells a story of personal expression. Accompanied by purposeful instrumentation, Heazy gives us a complete piece with each of his records. Lyrically inspired by the directness and vulnerability of Father John Misty, he is consistently inspired to be transparent and vulnerable with his music. With his first album, I Hate Everything Less (2018), Heazy speaks pointed lyrics of romance, happiness, and glee. The spirit and relatability of the lyrics paired with a casually upbeat tempo struck a chord with fans, catapulting him into nearly an overnight success amidst the indie scene. Following this project, Heazy’s fans were eager to hear the next chapter of his story unfold.

Yung Heazy first approached his 2020 project, ‘I UR BOY,’ with a similar approach to his first EP. He wanted to speak on similar threads – love and the pursuit of euphoria. However, his authentic emotions strayed from those he seamlessly projected in his first tape. In reality, Jordan was feeling saddened by some of the events transpiring in his life during that time. While he wanted to bring that same cheerful energy to his fans, he realized it wouldn’t be a genuine testament to his self-expression to only write about concepts that were happy-go-lucky. Similar to his first project, the lyrics throughout ‘I UR BOY,’ are unfiltered and raw sentiments to a darker, more sorrowful time in Heazy’s life. He reflects and analyzes past experiences of heartache, learning more about his character along the way. 

The transparency of Yung Heazy is something I admire and can most certainly learn from. It’s refreshing to realize that it’s okay to be honest with ourselves and others, and the music of Yung Heazy catalyzes this profound perspective. Check out Heazy’s latest release, ‘Quit Your Job (2021),’ a four-song EP that he calls, “a call to action,” to quit that job you’re unhappy with and chase something real and meaningful. The tape was produced by The Strokes producer ‘Gordon Raphael,’ in Berlin, Germany over a year ago. Ultimately, Yung Heazy possesses an indescribable surplus of confidence not only in his craft, but in his future. 

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