by Chandler Christopher

Hailing from the great city of Edmonton, Canada’s Gateway to the North, The Velveteins are a 1960s influenced, psychedelic rock band. Adolescently immersed into the culture of Edmonton, the same city that produced indie greats Mac Demarco and Homeshake, singer-songwriter Spencer Morphy became compelled by the live music scene in this secret music hub. Conceived as a result of northern Canadian live music culture combined with Morphy’s year living out of a campervan in Australia, The Velveteins were to become an energetic force soon to be reckoned with. Upon Morphy’s return to Canada in 2014, he linked up with co-songwriter Addison Hiller— and The Velveteins project commenced. In an effort to score any sort of live performance time locally or nationally, the duo scraped together five songs and saved enough capital to fly to Nashville and record with Cage The Elephant producer Lincoln Parish. Following two weeks of writing and five days of recording, the band’s first project, ‘A Hot Second With The Velveteins,’ was created. To the bandmate’s surprise, the compilation picked up quite a bit of steam, leading to cult success and a rigorous touring schedule. Overcrowding a Pontiac Montana, the duo, combined with new addition, bassist Dean Kheroufi, hit the road for a journey filled with lengthy road trips and international music festival appearances.

Accompanying the discography of The Velveteins are 2017 EP, ‘Midnight Surf,’ and 2019 singles titled, ‘Love in a Modern Age.’ With fans eager to hear what’s next for this exciting couplet, expect more acoustic and complex songs, as Morphy explained that he and Hiller have slanted this direction in recent years. Drenched in the slackened access to the Edmonton music atmosphere, The Velveteins offer an idiosyncratic and raw energy to each of their anthologies. 

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