by Chandler Christopher

January 29th, 2022

From delta country blues to rocky mountain twang, Zander Burns & The Cosmic Cowboys are known for spinning up jams that will have you dancin’ with your spurs on and howlin’ at the moon. Catchin’ grooves between psychedelia and fast grass, they’ll take you on a journey into spaces long forgotten and sometimes unknown, but then always bring you right back home. The band’s sound can be described as Cosmic Boogie Blues with a one drop. 

We here at Happen Twice have seen Zander Burns & The Cosmic Cowboys play a whole bunch of times both in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Led by the awe-inspiring guitar skills of Zander Burns, their shows genuinely never miss. I strongly recommend making it out to one of their shows whenever you may find them– From Denver, Colorado and its surrounding area to the band’s primary base of Central Texas. Check out our quick Q&A with Zander and follow the band on their social media found here!

Happen Twice:  How did Zander Burns & The Cosmic Cowboys form?

Zander Burns:  I met Joe “Uncle Jah” Wurst in Colorado in the summer of 2021! A very last-minute Cosmic gig led me to find a group in a city I had never played in…  I met Joe & John and off we were. Leading up to now, I have brought my rhythm section into the picture now making the current incarnation of The Cosmic Cowboys.

Happen Twice:  Where do you guys play most of your shows?

Zander Burns:  Most of our shows are in Austin/Central, Texas and Denver, Colorado. 

Happen Twice:  Do y’all play mainly original stuff? Or covers of stuff? If you play covers, what kind of covers do y’all like to play?

Zander Burns:  Mainly originals but both, it’s a 50/50 split. The stuff we cover ranges from Vulfpeck, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder… Just to name a few. Tons of stuff.

Happen Twice:  What’re your hopes for the project?

Zander Burns:  To Play Red Rocks Then Quit… haha just kidding. My real hope is to take this project all over the world, hell, to Mars too!

Check out some of Zander Burn's tunes and support artists by following them on their socials linked below! :)